Worlds Apart

A stride about Jalan Riang transpired swiftly on Thursday, when luncheon was merely over, in the following manner: I had hotfooted to Wimbly Lu, with more than usual ecstasy, as must have rendered the four ladies, who had at first only ambled along the pavements, in a very breathless state by the time we seated ourselves in the coffeehouse.

This brutal subjection, in which many professions of ill humour and mental anguish may well be arose, soon dissipated, however, when we had the pleasure of masticating brownies and cakes and sundries, which were delightful, though by no means capital.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

My brain could formulate no sound opinion. To have felt all the force of indignation, and wallowed in every ounce of immense resentment and aggravation and wrath and exasperation, one must know not what to think.

“I would not have heard of that idea on the general occasion,” murmured my boisterous disposition unsolicitedly, as it often would, though the deed was not to be had. With impatient activity did I—mentally—shot it a sidelong glance before its half whisper was put aside and forgotten eventually.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

“You are in possession of the service vibe,” professed she, with an air of decided credence, and my inordinately frivolous life, of everlasting Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother catch-ups, was henceforth halted.

The general manager’s conjectured statement addled me; had she been scarcely correct, however, I would have sobbed incessantly, for to be so readily seen through it is gravely stupefying and miserable. But her physiognomy ineptitude and erroneous study of my character furnished me with abundance of great relief.

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